Concise Bill Management


Concise Bill Management is in the business to assist you in maximizing your income, so you can focus your attention on what you do best .... practice medicine.


Concise Bill Management specializes in providing comprehensive billing and management services to medical providers.  Medical billing is both unique and complex.  Leaving your billing - including coding, filling claims and account follow-up in the hands of those that are not specialist can prove devastating to your practice.  Instead, allow Concise Bill Management to provide you with its billing expertise.  With Concise Bill Management you can realize a positive financial impact for your practice.


Today's medical provider faces many pressures in the health care environment including managed care, decreasing reimbursement, compliance and increasing cost.  With these pressures and many more, Concise Bill Management understands that it has become increasingly difficult both to provide medical care and manage business operations of your practice.  Concise Bill Management has many years of billing and accounts receivable management to effectively oversee the daily operations of your practice.


Concise Bill Management Highlights


25-30% Reduction of Office Expense

Courier Service

Coding & Review

Admitting & Charging

Payment Processing




Final Attempt Collections